FDA – The Concept

A Farm Development Associate is a person who operates like a franchisee on an outsourced business model and runs his business like a full fledged branch office.

• The ideal Farm Development Associate (FDA) is an individual with a strong entrepreneurial drive, managerial expertise, domain knowledge and a passion to succeed against all odds.

• Apart from strong business acumen, FDA must possess high ethical standards of business and impeccable credential in the market.

• FDA channel forms the most critical element in the distribution strategy of Agrotech Integrated Farmer Producer Company Limited and as a result has a very high sensitivity for the deliverables under the business plan.

FDA – The Associate

A potential Farm Development Associate need to have two kinds of attributes:
• Economical
• Behavioral

Economical Attributes would involve -
• Proven track record in the services of Agriculture, farming products or services
• Capable of adopting an amount for setting up his /her own business
• Access to a large base of potential customers and agents

Behavioral Attributes would represent -
• Strong entrepreneurial spirit and drive
• Passion to succeed against odds
• Honesty and integrity
• Long term commitment to business
• Leadership and managerial skills.

Excellent Communication skills.

FDA – The Role

Being a FDA is like being the face of Agrotech Integrated Farmer Producer Company Limited.

While we offer you attractive means of earning we also help you fulfill your dreams of owning your own business.

FDA is distributorship or a franchisee of Agrotech Integrated Farmer Producer Company Limited, who
• recruits a team of FIELD OFFICERS,
• train them,
• motivates them and
• solicits business through them.

FDA – Start Up and Upward Progression

• The distribution set up can be owned by any individual based on theeconomical and behavioralattributes as mentionedabove.
• A 7-level progression structure for FDA’s has been provided for based on the business targets,with entry level being at RookieLevel.
• FDAs can keep progressing to the higher levels on attainment of the set norms…and for those who deserve more, we present the FASTTRACK>>>

Up gradation Up gradation Norms
From To 1 Year 6 months FAST TRACK 3 months
Rookie Silver 1 500000 500000 500000
Silver 1 Silver 2 2000000 1200000 800000
Silver 2 Lite 7500000 4500000 3000000
Lite Gold 15000000 9000000 6000000
Gold Gold Plus 25000000 15000000 10000000
Gold Plus Elite 25000000 15000000 10000000

1. With every level change the business will become zero and FDA will have to restart his accumulation for the purpose of up gradation.
2. Once upgraded, the targets for upgraded level will become applicable from that dayonwards

Minimum Business Requirement

• As the volumes increase, the status of distributor shall be kept on upgrading depending upon the business volumes generated during the financial year.
• Levels of FDA Category and the minimum business requirement per annum for retention of the acquired levels.

FDA Category Minimum Business Requirement per annum
Rookie 0- 500,000
Rookie 5,00,000
Silver 2 20,00,000
Lite 75,00,000
Gold 1 1,50,00,000
Gold Plus 2,50,00,000
Elite 5,00,00,000

* FDA will have to do a min of 2 yearly target in each quarter to avoiddegradation.
• *Incase if FDA cannot achieve the minimum business requirement, he could be degraded to the level based on his actual performance for the quarter.
• Reinstatement would be possible only through performance as per the upgradation 0% of matrix .

FDA – The Compensation

While Field officers are paid bonus/profits as stipulated by our company police team , the FDA’s are remunerated onthe various parameters.
Broadly the various ways, the FDA’s are remunerated are divided into 2 parts

Cash benefits
• Variable Fees
• Special Product Fee
• FO Recruitment and Grade promotion Fees
• Mobile and Conveyance Allowance
• Business Persistency Fees
• Team Activisation Allowance
• Office Set Up and Maintenance Allowance
• Club Lounge
• Early Bird High Flyer

Support & Recognition benefit
• FDA SMART View – Total MIS Solution
• Visiting Cards, Id cards,
• Conventions and Seminars & Advance Training Etc etc

Compensation – Cash Benefits

Variable Fees
• FDA would be paid a Variable Fees on the commission earned by the agents under them, as under :

FDA Category Base Bonus to Field officer Over Ridding Bonus from the F0 Team
Rookie 0 - 8% 20%
Silver 1 - 10% 25%
Silver 2 1 - 10% 25%
Lite 1 - 10% 25%
Gold 1 1 - 10% 30%
Gold Plus 1 - 10% 30%
Elite 1 - 10% 30%

Calculated and paid every month

Compensation – Cash Benefits

Special Product Fees

- For special products, an additional 5% variable fee on field officer bonus will be paid for direct business (business sourced by direct Field 0fficer)
- Currently 500000, and above volume cheques are considered as Special Products.
- New products will be added as and when launched.

Field Officer Referrals Recruitment and Activisation Fees

• It is important for every FDA to build a strong base of Fos ,
• to enable, to expand the business and thereby earn more money for self
• and the best part of being a FDA is you even get incentives’ for the same.

FO will earn a fees of Rs 500 for every FO Reference once the FO gets activated* within the month of joining**.
Activisation would be considered with minimum business of Rs 10,000 login within 30 days from the date of joining

Business RE-ENTRY Fees
• It is necessary for us to continue providing services to our existing clients
• So as to maintain the relationships
• And seek opportunity of further sales
• It is also in our clients interest that they continue to stay in relationship with our company regularly
• We therefore extend you Business Re-Entry Fees for all the effort undertaken to keep the services ongoing

2% of Renewal Commission
• is paid towards Business Re-Entry Fees to all our Gold and above level FDA

Calculated and paid every month

Team Activation Allowance
• As more and more FO participate in the business every month., more and more income, can be earned
• For all those FDA’s who show keen interest to improve the number of active Fos(direct) month –on – month, also
get incentivized for the same !!!
• This allowance is paid once every quarter, along with the FDA payouts.
• (Quarter ending as June, Sept, Dec and March)

FO Activisation (Per Quarter) Amount
0-3 250
4 to 5 500
6 to 9 1000
10 to 14 1250
15 and above 1500

Calculated and paid every Quarter

Office Set up and Maintenance Allowance
• The opportunity allows a FDA not only to earn unlimited incentives but also allows them to establish their own Branch Offices
• The established Branch Office will allow the FDA to emerge as a true entrepreneur
• The Branch Office Set up will help the FDA to garner trust and thereby grow the business and also simultaneously earn more !!!
• FDAs would be allowed to set up a branch of his own based on certain parameters, with an intention to provide basic service and amenities to his set of FDAs and FOs.
• The entire set up will be owned and managed by the FDA himself and will be like his own office.
• Company will pay a monthly allowance towards maintenance of the branch set up to the FDAs, provided he continues to achieve the following norms.

Level Min FDA Recruitment per month Office Set & Maintenance Allowance per month Level
Direct FDA Indirect FDA
Lite 3 10 15,000
Gold and Gold Plus 4 15 20,000
Elite 5 20 25,000

• FDA Recruitment means a FDA who brings in at least 1 new FO with Min Rs 10,000 time of joining*.
• Month of joining would start from 1st Day on the next month of actual joining

Calculated and paid every month

The Branch office SetUp

• Branch to improve service standards, impart training activities.
• RM/ZM to certify the existence and nature & exclusivity of the branch set up.
• The Branch has to be min 400 sq ft, with proper and basic infrastructure of an office environment.
• Separate place for conducting training and unit meeting should be provided.
• All expenses incurred on setting up of the branch office shall be borne by FDA himself.
• Any other expense for maintaining and carrying out the activities at the branch office shall be borne by FDA himself.
• FDA will have to conduct Unit Meeting of his team of FDAs and FOs every month
• If the FDA fails to produce the Minimum Recruitment Norm for any month, then the allowance for that month will not be paid.

Cash Benefits – The Club Lounge

The Club Lounge
- Every FDA will also be enrolled and entitled for rewards under the Club Lounge, a Unique Loyalty Program.
- 1 point per Rs 10000 direct business and 1 point per Rs 20000 indirect business will be allotted to FDAs at all levels.
- They would be allowed to reimburse their accumulated points from the Rewards Gallery that would be announced by the Company from time to time.
- Reward Gallery would feature various office equipment's so as to help the FDA establish his office set up from the points earned.
- The reward gallery will include items like :
Car - Motorbikes - Laptop - Desktop
Printer - Office Table - Office Chair - Office Cabinet
Telephone - And other such office stationery
* Benefits of the club lounge would be extended to FDAs irrespective whether they provide with office set up or not.

Compensation – Cash Benefits

Early Bird High Flyer
- It is necessary to dream big, and also to make others to dream big.
- Money is the best motivator for any person, therefore a FDA can be motivated enabling him to earn more
- Which also will bring a momentum and speed in the sales performance.
- EBHF is an incentive which focuses on increased level of activity right from day of joining.
- It is a one time fee paid, for making a relationship grow stronger and faster.
- It is paid to the Parent FDA for motivating his direct FDA to rise to the higher levels within the month of joining!!!

EBHF Premium within month of Joining Amount
0-3 500,000 2000

*Month of joining will begin from the 1st day of next month of the date of actual joining of a FDA.

Calculated and paid every month

Compensation – Support Benefits

Support Benefits
- Every FDA will be benefited from the highly competitive team of our TM/FDA Managers
- FDAs will be imparted with trainings on various products and sales skill through a team of highly qualified Training Managers/Master Trainers
- FOs recruited under FDAs will also be entitled for the benefit of TM and Training for passing the exam, activation and/or sales skills
- Entire Back Office support of MIS shall be provided to all the FDAs through a unique and personal portal – FDA Smart View.
- Other Support like issuance of Identity Cards, Visiting Cards etc shall be extended
- Subscription to various e-zines will be provided for current updates
- Specially designed Sales Tools for enhancing the sales will be given from time to time

Compensation – Recognition Benefits

- Apart from the Cash and Support benefits, FDAs shall also be provided with various Recognition Benefits
- Invitation to the Zonal or National Convention
- Sponsorship to various Seminars and advanced Training programs
- Group Life Cover
- Monthly Trophies and Certificate of Appreciation

Benefit Rookie Silver & Silver 2 Lite Gold /GoldPlus Elite
FDA Annual Convention – National or Zonal No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Visiting cards No Yes (100 nos) Yes (100 nos) Yes (100 nos) Yes (200 nos)
ID Cards No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Specially designed sales tools No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Group Life Cover No Rs.1 lakhs Rs.3 lakhs Rs.5 lakhs R Rs.10 lakhs R
Sponsorship to Adoptes Seminars and Trainings No No Yes Yes Yes
Access to FDA Smart view Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

So, Come … Let’s Rise To The Highest Level Of SUCCCESS